Dr. Frank — You’re Impossible, Baby

Слова и текст песни Dr. Frank — You’re Impossible, Baby

You’re Impossible, Baby
You’re like a great barrier reef
As far fetched as you may be
You’re a matter of belief
You’re like a cute little religion
With rewards and punishments
And I try to follow you
Though you never really make much sense

Hey hey ho ho you’re impossible baby
Too unlikely to be true
I don’t believe in anything
But I have faith in you

So you could call me a zealot
I’d take a bullet for you any day
Or may just a pellet
It’s difficult to say

But when they call upon me to renounce thee
When they’re putting me to the sword
I’ll sing kyrie eleison
And go to my reward

Hey hey na na you’re impossible baby
And I mean that in the nicest way
You remind me of that lady
Of Guadalupe

You’re impossible baby
And here’s my point of view
I live in hope, I walk in doubt
But I believe in you

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