Devil Doll — St Patrick

Слова и текст песни Devil Doll — St Patrick

Hey st patrick when you drove the snakes away
What did you say to make them go away?
The grounds are safe now and I walk a straight line
I see so clearly now when you are by my side

Hey st patrick you seem a bit lost to me
Listen for my voice and you can follow me
Let’s go to the place that you keep next to the sea
And you can show just what kind of saint that you can be

Hey st patrick if your hills are green
Showing me loving like I’ve never seen
When I wake up in the morning and you’re not here with me
I said it must have been one hell of a two wheeled dream

Gone but the memory of me in you lives on
Just like a favorite song that you want to hear
When everything feels wrong
No matter where I go,
No matter what I do,
I’m still thinking of you
And all the many ways I fell in love with you
You’ll always be my true

Hey st patrick if I got down on my knees
Wound you stay here with me to deliver me
From all this evil that is everywhere I see
That never could survive in the kingdom of you and me


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