David Hudson — Honey, Honey

Слова и текст песни David Hudson — Honey, Honey

Honey, honey, girl you know I’m gonna get ya
Honey, honey, you know that I gotta get with ya
We’ve been kissing and touching
I’m burning through and through
Kissing and touching really turn you on
Let me make love to you
Let me make love to you


‘Til you reach over and hold me tight
I reach over and turn out the light
We’re gonna (make love) in the middle of the night
Let’s (make love) ’til broad daylight, gonna
Ohhh, honey, it’s so right
Stay right here, honey let’s do it together — together

(Come here)

Honey, honey, girl I really really really love
Honey, honey, I wanna take care of you
Honey, just let me love you
Just lay here in my arms
Girl, hold me tight, we got all night
Let me make love to you
Just let me make love to you

[Repeat CHORUS]

Now honey I need encouragement
If you want this?
If kissing and touching really turn you on
Let’s reach for the sky
Girl, let’s reach for the sky

[Repeat CHORUS]

I really want you
I can’t stand to go a night without holding in my arms
Honey, youuu

Ohhh, baby
Ohh, baby


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