Dark Throne (Darkthrone) — Across the Vacuum

Слова и текст песни Dark Throne (Darkthrone) — Across the Vacuum

Gurning Victim — Insane on Pain
Bridges Burnt — Future Creamated
Cursed by Damnation — Menial Shreddings
Across the Vacuum; — The Churning Souls

Irrationally Panzergrim Fears
Impending Havoc Nears
Demons of Lost Years and Seconds
Behold the Lord of Sin, He Beckons

Eerie Tornado — Of Naked Angst
Contamination of Sanity — Degenerating Rewardsystem
Certified Possesion — Inverted Mind
Nevers Left Splintered — Bare and Torn

Sick (crippled) Fucked and Forlorn
Another Disciple (is) Born
Silent Feeble Cries
No One Knows you Die

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