D-boyz — Dig It Up

Слова и текст песни D-boyz — Dig It Up

Dig it up oh oh Dig it
Dig it up oh oh OH
Dig it up oh oh Dig it
Dig it up oh oh OH

Two suits, two tokens in hand
got no respect cuz I’m the new man
got my shovel
shoes full of sand
check out the tag the name is caveman !uh!
A-R-M-P-I to the T
Whats thats you smellin? Dog thaz me
I don’t take showers and I don’t brush my teeth
All I do is dig holes, eat and sleep
There is no late day, no shade day, no place to hide, so just wait til’ Friday
(Chorus) background-(Zig-Zag) You got ta go dig those holes
(background)-oooohhhhhh (Zero)- Diggin’ in the mornin’ before the sun
keep diggin’ that hole til’ the day is done

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