Clipse — Hot Damn

Слова и текст песни Clipse — Hot Damn

[Intro — Pharrel]
Malice saying we to hot
New verses please
[Chorus — Pharrel]
Hot Damn, its a new day
Hot Damn, but them boys want the (money man)
hooooo, hooooo
hooooo, Hot Damn
[Verse 1 — Malice]
My how the boys grow?
From roaming low into homes
To homes of his own
No catching up he’s in a whole nother zone
Still true to his roots
Stay close to the chrome
Haters stay clear of him
Ya’ll stay in cheer for him
Got up out the game and over came
Lets hear it for him
Keep a new toy so I wonder how good
Im not enjoying life im reliving my childhood
Big chain monster, whip game bonkers
Monster truck remind him of tonka
Diamond M colour plush gold still gutter
My deal is in the meals,
Motherfucker and I aint stutter
Bitter sweet, my lifes a musical
From holding nose to roles gold
The lords beautiful
Before him im to shame to show my face
But shes so mean can’t help but to fall off the race
[Chorus — Pharrel]
Hot Damn, its a new day
Hot Damn, but them boys want the (money man)
[Verse 2 — Ab-Liva]
Hot Damn, when the white hit the pen it
Twist and it tumbles, it
Flips and it fumbles, I
Mix it like gumbo, I
Pitch it so suttle, I
Keep hustle so pother feds I got’em wondering (wondering)
What happened to that boy?
Six maneuver, how to slip into that toy
Is it the pimp the crook a hustler thing?
The man the music the making the king
Constantly builded by me
A million men marching like Calling them the king kong
The verse making the world sing
My hearts on the sleeve-a
ya’ll basically just like my opinion
The bars hoping the sun shines on them
But you

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