Cliff Richard — Hot Shot

Слова и текст песни Cliff Richard — Hot Shot

Ready Steady Gonna meet you on the ballroom floor
brother Eddie quit you banging on my bathroom door
after shaving yeah and after three

i’m getting ready for the night to come
and here i come

i’m just a hot shot hitting town
(have a little fun)
just a hot shot getting down
(ready steady run)
i’m just a hot shot looking around
(loving on the run)
i’m having fun

get the recognition each and every place i go
fashion leader in the cuban heel and pointed toe
my Italian suit is pressed and clean
i’m the Latin lover of the local scene
i’m getting ready for the night to come

repeat Chorus

a faded picture on the mantleshelf
my older brother looks like myself
remember Donny dated Susie
and Susie rated Johnny
Johnny’s into Susie
but Susie’s into Ronnie
Ronnie waits for Louie
but Louie’s singing Louie-Lou-i

repeat Chorus

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