Cliff Richard — Doing Fine

Слова и текст песни Cliff Richard — Doing Fine

don’t feel bad, don’t feel good
feel alright ‘cos i’m doing as i should
don’t look back, no i don’t have the time

i guess i am doing fine

got no bags to slow me down
Travelling Light but my feet are on the ground
got no message i ain’t got no dime
i guess i’m doing fine

don’t need no paper telling me bad news
no politicioan giving their views
don’t need no doctor to tell me i’m well
i feel like heaven and e’ve been through hell

talking straight, i don’t feel confused
don’t want nothing e’ve got nothing more to lose
don’t need no credit card, don’t show me more to sign
i guess i’m doing fine
i guess i’m doing fine
guess i’m doing fine

don’t come looking for me
‘cos i’m doing fine
no missing persons
‘cos i’m doing fine
don’t go home
‘cos i’m doing fine

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