Cirith Gorgor — A Twilight Serenade

Слова и текст песни Cirith Gorgor — A Twilight Serenade

[Lyrics: Astaroth Daemonum]

Through utter darkness we roam

And we breathe the air of this autumn evening
So bright, the cold breeze fills our hearts with ice
And we hear the trees whisper and the spirits sing
The perfume to smell is full of enchantment
A warm secret surrounded by cold
And these woods are our own eternity
Under a starry sky in a dream so old

Then, nightfall, enthralled by bloodthirst
An eternal enigma, yet a hymn to those
Who passionately roam, cloaked by the nightsky
Come on Bacchants, let us hunt in sigh
"Follow the Night-Hag, when call’d in secret
Riding through the Air she comes
Lur’d with the smell of infant blood, to dance
With Lapland Witches, while the labouring Moon
Eclipses at their charmes"

Our crimson quickening, whispering through their veins
Like The Funeral Winds whisper through the leaves
We will hunt them for eternity, our jewels come forth of their fear
And we drink their spirits like wine, celebrating their misery
Every night we die in a passionate melancholy

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