Christie — Toxic Wasteland

Слова и текст песни Christie — Toxic Wasteland

Need a ride? Take you home inside a ca
Don’t give Shit out the Holes into your Neck!
Everybody knows (2x)
It’s a Toxic Wasteland

Maybe she needs to go get her out the Cage!
She needs some rest or she wont retake!
Everybody Knows (2x)
It’s a Toxic Wasteland

Everyone Throw out Plenty
Then blame it on the Government —its
Everyones big Hobby
But they don’t see what they command!

What’s Wrong with our Life it’s not in command?
Politics, Democracy way out of hand
Everybody Knows (2x)
It’s a toxic Wasteland!

Yes the Pres is not Blind anymore
But someone started another fight!
Everybody Knows (2x)
It’s a Toxic Wasteland!

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