Canibus — Woof Tickets

Слова и текст песни Canibus — Woof Tickets

Yo, comin off tha top of the head..
Millions of people fall victim to bloodshed
I’ll leave more dead than a nuclear warhead
We’ll all be killed if i turn it up full tilt
God knows i got this rap shit sewn like a quilt
You prolly wonderin if i’m versatile, no question
My styles adapt like luxury car suspension
Kick tha type of shit that blow a microphone to bits
If it’s close enough to kiss, I’ll walk away wit chapped lips
I slap in clips and get down, you hear the sounds of rounds
Hittin niggaz and niggaz hittin the ground
Copperfield niggaz disapear like magic
As soon as i pull the sem-automatic out tha jacket
I got you illin like King Kong is climbin ya buildin
Movie directors recordin me screamin "Keep filmin!"
They love to see me rock mics cuz I rock it right
Curious people pause like cars at stop lights
Cuz it’s bangin in the way you wouldn’t believe
To rate my tape, you gotta combine combine 5 source magazines
Thats 25 mics total
I got average niggaz wit 4 mics sayin that I’m immortal
Fatal as carbon monoxide
*jamaican voice* I gun shot ya now,
ya backside, from a bullet travel at mach 9

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