Busta Rhymes — Settin’ It Off

Слова и текст песни Busta Rhymes — Settin’ It Off

(busta rhymes)
yaaaaaaa-7 seconds
yo yo yo 25x

(busta rhymes)
i think i’m about to black out
i blow your fucking whick out
niggaz who taught they catching me fuck that i’m about to rip out
ripout and then i flip out make them whack niggaz ship out
harbor the jet go on vacation and take a trip out
i make you niggaz jump up bitches they want to love us
open in all over my clit straight watching the niggaz cum up
other bitches are trouble
younger bitches go scrub up smelling like you got dug up
obey to shut the fuck up
i fertilize the world with my sperm
speaking biblical terms
while we getting at you niggaz still remain in turn
my magnificance any flow will kill an innocent
straight from up yonder spots
smellimg like inscense
iii!! muialate niggaz humiliate niggaz
beat you in your fucking head just to communicate niggaz
as my squad get bigger you know we gonna multiply niggaz
blend up the mixtures and fly niggaz you want to take pictures
kick another
then i rip another lyric furilla
gorrila power persona rhyme get money quicker

(spliff star)
c’mon c’mon c’mon

who drops the rugged on the tape huh’
shining like the sun on a hot day in jamaica making movements
on the militant killing shit with my crew
sending mcd to beirut
nigga fuck you
you cant stop what i started
multi-check me when one of the seas parted
its on again spliff i spliff from the bull pen
bare raucus
thats how we get down in justice real niggaz love this
i pop shit on wackstas
’cause i aint scared of no motherfuckas’
i smash you bash you smoke you like a blunt then i pass you
have you standing still like a statue one mother fucker
before my squad catch you

settin’ it off(9x)

during chorus

flipmode squad always settin’ it off yo yo
real street niggaz always settin’ it off yo yo
big money niggaz always settin’ it off yo yo
bull pen niggaz always settin’ it off yo yo

i’m the brooklyn bomber that’s gonna self-destruct
ram i’m coming through i’m gonna tear shit up
you better duck this is kuwait the all out war
you really want mo’ from the real hardcore
yo i’m gonna show you difference from mines and yours
i’m going for broke make the whole underground choke
i’m in the east with my nigga smoke used to hustle bricks
in reberknock now i’m on some musical shit plus i got caught a note
niggaz want to vote for my squad
i truly believe the black man is god
my family is mixed when american in yard
oh long yo yo this is my 10 40
this is for your moms your pops and your shorty
on some ghetto shit nigga pass the 40’s

(baby sham)
c;mon c’mon c’mon

peep the six stars a point pushing luxury cars
i’d be the open wound cat still spittin’ mt balls
i mean you all lyrically wild to take it personal
flipmode i’m about to take the flesh from you
hold twin gas so dumb dumb splits in tunes
laying in the hospitol because my eyes seen the size of you
thought it wasn’t possible for me to pull first
so short with big shit so when it blasts it hurts
evil lurks to lay you down with a curse
feel moist up cause fool thugs sliced you up

(rah digga)
digga rippin’ first id somethin’ wicked
i killed the double cd with just the fucking snip it
ya’ll niggaz think ya’ll know me
my style be off the hook like jody
who battles rack-stack whatever niggaz throw me
you lost it i be on the money like sauce kid
all on up yo face talking how much my shit costing
kill i rhyme them fronting on me like bitch with koby bryan
bitch em’all time hit em’ with a punch line make sure to hook tight
all across the board saying how that bitck look like
tell them shorty is always ready to blink for fame got game
like that spike lee flick
now check it
thats what it go like and we aint getting old unless

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