Brother Firetribe — Far Away From Love

Слова и текст песни Brother Firetribe — Far Away From Love

Oh my God it’s been forever
Since I heard your voice
It’s hard to keep my thoughts
You’re leaving me no choice
I thought we already talked about
Something that we both could agree on But here we go for another round
You’ll end up with nothing won
Don’t wanna hurt you
Telling you one last time
I don’t wanna do this over and over and over again
An endless summer night, holding you so tight
But I guess I never learned to know you at all
In the heat of the night we were one and the same
But we were far away from love
Blinded by the flame when passion ruled the game
Guess I should’ve learned to know you well
Though we were bonded by lust
For one night
We were far away from love
I don’t mean to put you down but take this to your heart
Listen to me, listen closely now, this might tear you apart
I never though it was serious
Blame it on me just having fun
You fell in love so Whole heartedly
Didn’t see all was said and done

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