Broken Toy Airplanes — Estrella

Слова и текст песни Broken Toy Airplanes — Estrella

I saw your smile from a mile away
Cause of the glow you wear on your face
They don’t know what they say
When they catch you out of your place

But it’s alright
I’m by your side
Even when the tide
Gets too high
We can drown
Into the ground
When the waves come crashing down

What’s your name
Where ya from
What did you do
And why did you come
I need a reason for your being
I can’t accept the truth
God put you here for me

We will fall hard from the sky
Drenched in water but still dry

I heard your heart from under the ground
If your gone why does it sound?
They don’t know what they mean
When they say I wont miss a thing
About you

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