Brian Mcknight — Love Of My Life

Слова и текст песни Brian Mcknight — Love Of My Life

first time i looked into your eyes
i saw heaven
oh,heaven in your eyes

everything i did before you
wasn’t worth my while
it should of been you
you all the time
i’ll do anything and every thing
to please you
you know how much i need you
you’re always on my mind

you’re so incredible
here in thesearms tonight
the irreplaceable
love of my life

seems like reality
don’t sem so far away
all i wanna do
all i wanna feel
all i wanna be
everyday is my lucky day

all i wanna do
is luv you
i place none above you
i’ll tell you why


baby you know
you know you’re my one and only
all i wanna do is be together
sugar you know
i’ll never leave you lonely
in your eyes
in your eyes i see forever

chours 2x

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