Blaque — Mind of a King

Слова и тексты песен Blaque — Mind of a King

Verse1: I was sitting on my throne, thriving on how no one else knows when I realed in to each other, and we were forced in to be lovers. Down to earth, we maintain in the snow or in the rain, wounder’n what your think’n next or is your mind that to complexed? Again I eascape, to where you are. I found a place down in your heart. Its a shame its just a game. Its go me going insain.

So lets go deep, deep into the mind to what once was a love, until I had to hide behind me ooh lets go far, farther then a dream. you told how once that you loved her so don’t come back to me. Dah dada dah dah dada dah dada dah dada dah, dah dada dah dah thats that dah dada dah dada dah dada dah dada dah

VERSE2- possably I know the girl you want to capure in your world. If I could I would jump into her body,picture it and I can’t stop smile’n. Trust me now, I don’t want to,be in it, I’m just reveiw. your suposed be her every thing, well you were suposed to be that for me so lets go deep.


repeat chorus twice

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