Benediction — Magnificat

Слова и текст песни Benediction — Magnificat

It had to be done!
Conspiring web, killing me, the end
Let me haunt you, a chilling tale
Street cracks feed Spilt blood bleeds
Perhaps we=B9ll meet someday, when I get blown away
Bringing forth the light, evil at twilight
Bloody family
Darkened death
An absolute, depravity
If a weak linkage found, eliminate
Hear the cities fearful roar =
*=B3Hello from the gutters of the city, filled with vomit, stale wine, =
urine and blood Greetings from the roaches that feed upon the blood =
of all my victims I appreciate your interest in me, but now now I =
askedWhat of your children?=B2*
Out to silence me
Bloodied family
Now I sleep
The city weeps
(=B3*=B2 taken from letters sent by David Berkowitz, The Son Of Sam)

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