Before Braille — Welcome Away

Слова и текст песни Before Braille — Welcome Away

the phase, the sound of penitencei laugh out loud at your attempt at it is there a meaning among us (of pentagrams)? and if there is a being above us (then slap idle hands)
well i felt there was nothing for me to say when you speak with no regard for me you might have been right about one thing, there is nothing for me at all here, there is nothing for me at all
i fear the end is imminent (but i’ll wait and see) you’ve gone from gold to pretension
hooray for the hands that cheer enough to break any silence they try to hide (away) you’ve mastered the art of giving up by shaping a vice to bade all your lies
pace yourself, because i want morewe’ll need some time to communicatewe’ll need some more time to get things straightit never happens the way they sayconvince yourself what you live for

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