Beck — Flavor (remix)

Слова и текст песни Beck — Flavor (remix)

Flavor, got the flavor, got the flavor
Feel so good about a piece of trash
The birds are drunk, they’re drinking from my glass
White lightning and an old fruit cup
Pumpbox, rock clocking where you are
Dig my grave with a silver spade
Juiced up from Africa to Spain
Ghetto blastin’ the diamond lane
Insane in the mundane
Pass the bucket, dig your heels
Feather duster and the cigarette wheels
Spinnin’ it back, black sheep
‘Cause I got the flavor x4
Out in the moonlight taking requests
Rippin’ the blues out of your vests
Stripmine [the guilty thud]
Strichnine when you hear the winter front
You take out the past
The bullets are just toys
Beat your fists through the static and the noise
‘Cause I got the blues and I can’t be satisfied…
yeah i got the blues, we’re gonna catch that train and ride
Got the taste..
Got the taste…
Yeah got the taste..
got the taste
got a bucket?
Oh got the flavor in my gut
oh yeah shake your guts
Cause i got the taste
Cause i got the taste
Cause i got the taste
Cause i got the taste
cause i got—!

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