Beck — Corvette Bummer

Слова и текст песни Beck — Corvette Bummer

All my days I had moldy bread,
Robot brains and the flying airplanes,
Hollowed out, and filled with dust,
Rocking like a hurricane under the rug,
Bored to the core on a sunken boat,
A worn out candle and a plastic coat,
A ziploc bag, a pelican bone,
A perfect, stupid, cardboard reject,
Overfed, electric comatose,
Riding in the air, invisible socks,
A broken blanket, flaming sawdust,
Waking up in the shadow of a piece of dirt.
Gonna fly like a dog,
Gonna leap right out the wall,
Gonna walk around this town with a can of whiskey,
Gonna run like a bird,
Gonna roll out in the dirt,
Gonna run around this town with a phone machine.
Yellow Cat laying flat on the road,
Molten lead shooting out the ground,
Tinfoil witch burning under the bridge,
Flap your wings and leap out the window,
Put a glass eye in the eyes of god,
Nuke the kids, Polaroid cupcake,
Take it to the limit, new wave biscuit,
Camouflage gimmick, wimp out like never before.
Gonna jump like a flag,
Gonna burn like a pig,
Gonna flap around, and pass out on the kitchen floor,
Gonna crawl like a rock,
Gonna dance like a worm,
Gonna take my shoes right off and smell my socks.
Fly like a squirrel,
Gonna swim like a chicken,
Gonna weedwack a plate of noodles in the afternoon,
Gonna melt like a weasel,
Gonna fry like a kid,
Gonna get my walkie talkie, and some mustard and some mayonnaise, and a mermaid, and some macaroni,
bricks, and some telephone wires, and phone machines, and a fax machine, and a…(laughing)

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