Beck — Bogusflow

Слова и текст песни Beck — Bogusflow

Monkey see, monkey die,
Laminate your face and paste it up into the sky,
‘Cause it’s squalid and it’s solid and it’s
Completely rancid and beautiful,
Like a forcefield of multiplying meat,
Cut a hole in the floor to see
Just how close to hell we’re standin.
Time shoots forward in your skull,
Scattered to the four winds,
Chucked in a bucket,
Riding lampost, moldy toast,
Excitement level: Zero.
Rock the Casbah, bring the noise,
Amplified dishwashers exploring the boring to the core,
People with cordless personalities
Runnin around in new wave bionic jogging suits.
California white boy sound,
Rocket-powered and nailed to the ground,
New age, old age, totally lame,
Straight to the middle of the road,
Rewind the tape play the whole thing backwards
With the sound completely turned off.

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