Avion — Where Are You Now

Слова и текст песни Avion — Where Are You Now

Two year, eight months and four days since I’ve known love
For what it’s worth
I’m finding it hard to believe that I’ll find love
Upon this earth

Destiny calls on a life
As colors dim and fade
So simple and small


You’re the flower that’s yet to break the ground
Will I find you?
You’re the song I’ve never written down
But I want to
Where are you now?

Restoring the pieces I gave to the hollow
Yielding no return
I’m beckoning back to the hope
That I followed a matter to be learned
Intimate woe is the friend
The empty evening brings
I let you go to dream again


With a soldier’s stance
I wait for patient time
To come and bring you home
I’ll save this dance for life until you complete me


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