Andy Hui — Oi Dik Tui Lei

Слова и текст песни Andy Hui — Oi Dik Tui Lei

Nei taai gor yuen mei
You are too perfect

Choi wooi pa nei yim hei
I’m afraid that you will rebuke

Wai you goo jok san bei
Only leaving me to act mysterious

Loi gik hei nei ho kei
And provoke your curiosity

Ngoh pa nei yuen mei
I’m afraid of your perfection

Ngaan gwong ging hoh zhe moh fung lei
Your observation is so sharp

Maai tau oi nei
Putting my heart into loving you

Yuen cherng git mei
And it all comes to an end

Saang yu sei ya foon hei
Dead or alive I’ll still be happy

Ngoh so hei
I close myself

Ji gei yat gor hui woot joi maat sat seung nei
In a secured space to think about you

Sui yau taam bei
Who is investigating

Sui nang kit bei
Who can uncover the mystery

Ching taam do wong fa sam gei
Even detectives waste their efforts

Ching gam zhe moh fong mau jam hoh tui lei
Love is ridiculous how can you explain it

Chung bat gam mong jan nei
I haven’t dare to look at you

Yue gwoh do ngoh sit lau bei
If it’s my turn to give away the secret

Ji hoi pa nei hon bat hei
I’m afraid you’ll look down on me

Mai dai je moh jim yui ho bei hung hei
The solution is so sharp like a murder weapon

Hoh foo jui cha jan lei
Why keep on finding the truth

Yeuk gwoh yung po nei
If I hold you

Ji hung pa nei
I’m afraid you

Mei do bit bin yuen lei
Will leave before saying goodbye

Naan yi hon cheung sin jui mei
Not seeing it is the most beautiful of all

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