Aces Over Kings — Starting Over

Слова и текст песни Aces Over Kings — Starting Over

I’m having my doubts
Bad thoughts are running through my brain
I said this wouldn’t
Happen to me
I feel the dark cloud
Coming over my head
It’s not supposed to rain today
At least that’s what he said

I know I believe I’m scared

This will be the last time
That I talk to you
Know in my heart
That it’s not true
Hope is the hardest
When it’s all that you have
My vision
Is turning blue

I know I’m safe
Cause you hold me in Your hands
Why do I regress?
I’ll never understand
Like angels and demons
Pulling on my heart
Please save me
I’m quite a baby

So much has changed in my life
I can see more clear
Than before
I want all that life has to offer
Even when I know
That it’s wrong

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