A Bloody Canvas — Mistakes And False Forgiveness

Слова и текст песни A Bloody Canvas — Mistakes And False Forgiveness

Is this what regret feels like?
A dry mouth and a sick stomach
Holding your photograph to my heart
I’ll whisper words that will never reach you
"I’m sorry"
do you remember when you were happy?
When we said we can last forever
Naive? no, I still believe that
I still believe in you and me
Is this what it feels to fall in love?
Loss of breath and a heavy heart
Well if that’s true, then I’m in love with you
I’ll whisper words that may never reach you
"Forgive me"
My eyes were closed, my fingers crossed
I’m never now, conciouse clear of sin
Take my hand, lets begin
I’ll promise you forever
My love, my heart lets start over
This is what regret feels like
Knowing love may not be strong enough to save us to save what we once were but, I can save you, save us close your eyes, I’ll promise you forever
Mistakes haunt me while I confess my soul to you

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